Platforma – povezava poslovnih registrov na ravni EU

Commission launches a new online tool to exchange information on companies


© EU, 2017

The European Commission launched today a single platform to access company information in the EU. Linking national business registers will facilitate cross-border trade and increase confidence and transparency in the EU Single Market. With an increasing number of cross-border businesses using the opportunities offered by the single market, the demand for access to information on companies with businesses in different Member States has increased. Before the introduction of this new platform, information on companies had to be requested separately from the diverse national registers through often lengthy and costly procedures. Commissioner Věra Jourová explains: “When working together with other companies, businesses, consumers, investors and authorities want to quickly check whether these companies really exist, whether they are trustworthy and who is legally representing the company. The interconnection of business registers will contribute to a more transparent and trustworthy environment for making business in the Single Market.” Thanks to this new system, citizens, businesses and national authorities will be able to search for information filed by companies in the national registers. In addition, the new system will improve the communication between registers by allowing them to exchange trustworthy information on companies between each other. The service has been set up in close cooperation between the Commission and the Member States under the Directive on interconnection of EU business registers (BRIS).

The business register search is available here.

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