“The attorney shall permanently engage in his or her expert advance studies and shall mind his or her general education and broad knowledge.”

Article 14 of the Code of Professional Conduct of the Bar Association of Slovenia

Some further reflections on the mission of the Bar Academy of the Bar Association of Slovenia

Attorneys should be distinguished for their proficient professional knowledge, broad general knowledge and education in the broadest sense of the word they share with their fellow attorneys and pass on to younger generations, lawyer candidates and trainees.

Within the Bar Academy, we strive to build a recognisable training system with full autonomy. Our goal is to set up a flexible, tailor-made training system for attorneys, customised to the up-to-date monitoring of the developing legislation, as well as the case law and everyday professional needs of attorneys across the generations. We strive to have different branches of law represented and to provide the basic and specialist knowledge delivered by the best lecturers (domestic and foreign) – from the academic sphere, the judicial system and, of course, other professions.

Our attorneys are recognisable, unique and indispensable by the fact that our knowledge and our deontology are based on respect for everyone, our client or a fellow attorney, opponent, perhaps even an enemy. Our task is to respect and persuade them, not win. However, we can only persuade and win with the knowledge we build every day. And this is the task and duty of the Bar Academy of the Bar Association of Slovenia. This should also be our culture, which we will nurture and continuously improve.

This is the way forward, towards the new horizons, in the service of the rule of law.  

Alenka Košorok Humar

Director of the Bar Academy

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